Our New Zealand tax specialist has extensive experience covering all aspects of NZ tax law and NZ tax advice.

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Our dedicated NZ tax specialists have the ability to assist you with income tax, capital gains tax, PAYE and all your IRD NZ tax requirements.  We can provide specialist tax advisory services including: personal tax advice, business tax advice and trust-related tax issues.  We strive for solutions that are not only innovative and flexible but also commercially effective in achieving your goals.


While we work on all things tax related, we have a particular interest in Immigration Tax /International Tax, Property Tax/Land Taxes and all things relating to IRD investigations and tax audits.


Immigration  / International Tax 


Are you coming to, or leaving, New Zealand?


People often migrate to New Zealand to join family members or simply to enjoy a change in lifestyle.  What can be overlooked are the financial and tax aspects of such a move.


Our tax team has extensive experience providing specialist tax advice and services to migrant taxpayers with New Zealand and overseas tax obligations, employers who are moving people into, or out of, New Zealand, and professional advisors seeking specialist advice on behalf of migrating clients.


Migrants moving to New Zealand will usually retain overseas financial assets and investments and will need advice regarding how New Zealand tax laws apply to these, and how they might utilise New Zealand tax laws to best structure their affairs after their move.


Companies looking to expand into New Zealand or offshore will need to understand how best to structure any new venture in order to remain fully compliant and to maximise any tax (or other) benefits available to them under the applicable laws.


We work closely with other professional advisors, such as other lawyers, accountants, financial planners or immigration consultants to make sure our clients receive the best possible all-encompassing advice.


While we are a full service law firm and can offer immigration and legal support at the same time we provide the tax advice, we are also happy to work in with other advisors such as accountants, financial advisors, bankers and other professionals.  In these areas, it is critical to ensure you get the best possible advice in order to maximise any benefits available under New Zealand law.


Read Julia’s articles covering various aspects of international tax here or contact us today for more information on how we can make your move to or from New Zealand easier.


Property  / Land Tax 


While New Zealand doesn’t have a comprehensive capital gains tax, the sale of land is one area which has specific capital gains tax laws.


Most people are aware of the “bright-line test” which will tax properties purchased and sold within certain periods of time.  However, there is an entire body of tax law which was enacted to tax a wide range of other transactions involving the sale of land.  GST on the sale of properties is also a highly complicated area of law, and contribute to many professional indemnity insurance claims for conveyancing lawyers, hence the need for specialist tax advice.


Inland Revenue has a “property compliance team” which is dedicated to investigating whether the correct tax (both GST and income tax) has been paid in relation to land and property transactions.  With the new requirement to provide an IRD number at settlement, IRD knows about every property transaction in New Zealand.


These are all very common transactions, but if not dealt with correctly, can have very nasty tax consequences.  Our New Zealand tax expert is able to assist you with specialist tax advice in relation to all aspects relating to the sale of land.  Julia has extensive experience working with large corporate property groups, developers, construction companies, property investors and individuals to ensure this complex area of tax law is dealt with correctly and tax efficiently.  For more information see Julia’s articles covering various aspects of land tax here or contact us to find out how we can help you.


IRD Investigation and Tax Audits 


IRD has teams across the country whose job it is to investigate taxpayers’ affairs and confirm they are compliant with their tax obligations.   These reviews are known as risk reviews, investigations and audits.  Dealing with IRD during these reviews can be time-consuming and stressful.  Our specialist tax lawyer does this on a daily basis and takes the stress out of the situation for you.  The investigations are very process- driven.  Our intricate knowledge of the IRD’s policies and procedures assist us to assist you.  It is our aim to clear up any issues with IRD as soon as possible in order for them to finalise their investigation.  A proactive approach is always recommended.  In our experience, the longer a tax investigation drags on, the harder it can be to resolve the issues.  As tax lawyers we also benefit from Legal professional privilege which is only available to lawyers.  For more information download our information sheet above “a Guide to Disputes with IRD” or contact us to discuss your needs.


Download Our Factsheets Here:


Check Your NZ Tax Position


NZ Migrant Tax Traps Factsheet


 NZ Tax Overview Factsheet 


A Guide to Disputes with IRD



Our Tax Services Include:


  • Assisting accountants and other professional advisors with tax issues
  • Tax opinions and interpretation of tax law
  • International tax issues
  • Tax advice and structuring for migrants and expats
  • GST advice
  • Property tax advice and structuring
  • Assistance when negotiating with IRD
  • Representation throughout IRD risk reviews and tax audits
  • Negotiating instalment arrangements for the payment of tax to IRD
  • Negotiating remission of penalties and interest with IRD
  • Presenting tax based trainings

Examples of Our Recent Work

  • Assisting expats with their New Zealand tax residency obligations post-leaving New Zealand to ensure they are not paying additional tax in New Zealand.
  • Assisting new migrants with the structuring of their assets to ensure tax efficiency
  • Assisting with the structuring of investor migrant’s affairs to ensure foreign companies do not become subject to New Zealand tax.
  • Advising on the GST implications of property purchases and appropriate structuring.
  • Advising on the land tax rules in relation to the sale of property.
  • Negotiating instalment arrangements with Inland Revenue.
  • Advising a tech firm on the tax considerations when expanding overseas.

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