Trades people across all sectors are well represented by Saunders & Co’s team of highly experienced, multi-disciplinary law specialists.

We have a detailed understanding of the challenges facing trade clients whether they are a small one or two person operation or a large company with multiple divisions and high staff numbers.


Trade clients are encouraged to seek our robust advice around setting terms of trade and standard contract forms; managing cash flow, risk, guarantees and timeframes; and entering into contractor or sub-contractor arrangements.


We also offer high-level advice around pressure points identified in contracts imposed on trade clients by a main contractor. This helps to ensure our clients are well armed to manage things themselves when entering future sub-contractor arrangements.


Saunders & Co also provides trade clients with a range of general advice around matters such as business sale and purchase, scaling up, financing, employment contracts, disputes, and health and safety.


Our team has a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of the building and construction industry and is well versed in the Construction Contracts Act and Building Act.


Saunders & Co is proud to be associated with the Canterbury Registered Master Builders.

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