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 Tag: Intellectual Property

2 December 2020

New Privacy Act 2020

  The new Privacy Act 2020 (New Act) came into force on 1 December 2020.   There are some key changes in the New Act which help to bring New Zealand’s privacy law into the 21st century.

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2 July 2020

The End of a Franchise Agreement

Franchise agreements are both a popular way for a business to expand into new regions, and a popular way for someone to start owning their own business.

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3 April 2020

IP in the time of COVID-19

IPONZ and IP Australia employees are all working remotely which means we can still protect your brands, ideas, and designs in these jurisdictions without delay.   The ability to file with offices in other jurisdictions is variable.

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12 February 2020

IP Costs Changing

From 13 February 2020, IPONZ is introducing new fees for certain transactions relating to trade marks and patents.

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31 January 2020

IP Rights After Brexit

The Brexit agreement does ensure existing IP rights the EU and UK are preserved.

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25 November 2019

Music Copyright Licences

Don’t get caught without your Music Copyright Licence   Every business, club, or organisation that plays music should be paying a music copyright licence fee.

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