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12 February 2020

IP Costs Changing

From 13 February 2020, IPONZ is introducing new fees for certain transactions relating to trade marks and patents.

This follows on from legislative changes which came into effect on 13 January 2020, including relating to the renewal of trade marks.  If you miss your renewal deadline, restoration now requires payment of additional fees, and the window in which restoration is available has been reduced to six months.

It is therefore important not to miss your renewal deadline, as this will result either in extra cost, or loss of rights.  However, beware of the continuing IP scams.  Interestingly these usually try to extract fees much higher than you would pay professionals such as Saunders & Co, and without actually providing the service of renewal.

With the cost of filing trade mark applications also coming down, there has never been a better time to compare your existing protection against your business plans, fill any gaps, and cull the deadwood from your portfolio.  Contact Virginia Nichols for a consultation and IP Audit.

Patent owners and applicants will find fees increasing for examination and renewals.  Protecting your inventions with a patent remains a very powerful commercial tool, but a serious commercial investment that should be undertaken with specialist advice from a Registered Patent Attorney.

Saunders & Co can assist with all aspects of protecting, enforcing, and commercialising your intangible assets.  Please get in touch if you have any queries.