Wills and Powers of Attorney Online

This questionnaire tool is for the exclusive use of Saunders & Co existing and new clients. Once you have submitted your answers, we can assess your requirements fully and provide a fee estimate to complete the work via an engagement letter.  Please note our prices start from $250+GST per will. An estimate will be based on the level of complexity in your instructions, but our final costs will depend on total time spent including meetings, phone calls and emails.  


Your data is treated confidentially and is protected with data encryption, transmitted over a 256-bit SSL, and accessed exclusively over HTTPS.

The online data collection provides efficiency and accuracy, but it does not create your legal documents – this is how we add value through our skill and experience. It is also likely we will need to meet with you at some stage of the process to check your mental capacity, the absence of coercion or duress, and for the signing of documents.

In certain situations we may also require attorneys to seek independent advice from a separate lawyer, and will advise you if that is necessary. We also provide a storage facility option for the safe-keeping of the original documents on a complimentary basis.